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An Important Message From Our CEO, David Cush

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Coronavirus Information and Precautions


We’ve been paying close attention to COVID developments, especially with the Omicron variant’s recent surge. Much to all of our dismay, positive cases are once again on the rise. As a result, I want to take this opportunity to not only remind you of our current safety protocols but inform you of those we are reinstating temporarily during this current spike in cases, effective immediately.

    1. Until further notice, Service King will be restricting non-Service King teammates from physically entering our stores, including carriers, third party maintenance, and delivery people (deliveries can occur outside). Customers should be encouraged to utilize our Touchless Curbside check-in process whenever possible, but may enter if necessary. Door signage can be found here.

    2. Masks – all teammates, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a mask when in the same room or within 6 feet of others. Technicians working in their stalls independently are not required to wear a mask at that time. Wearing a mask is one of the best defenses against the virus transmitting between two people..

    3. Teammates must stay in their work area whenever possible. Teammates should not go from front to back of shop and vice versa unless it is absolutely necessary

    4. Teammates should not gather in large crowds, and maintain social distancing of 6 feet apart.

    5. Support teammates that remain unvaccinated should not physically enter any shop until further notice.

    6. Operations Management that are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated must test daily to confirm negative status prior to entering any shop and wear masks at all times.

    7. Support teammates and Operations Management that are fully vaccinated (and boosted) should limit their shop visits to no more than two shops per week, and must wear a mask while at the shop.

    Ensuring your safety, your family’s safety, and our customers’ safety is of upmost importance. By following the protocols above you can protect those around you, our business, and communities. Keeping individual shops from having to close due to a cluster outbreak maintains our business operations and keeps your earning opportunities intact.

    Even following all of the precautions listed above many of us, and our family members, are likely at some point to be exposed or to test positive for COVID or a variant. Service King follows the guidance of the CDC and requests the following from all of our teammates –

      You’ve tested positive for COVID or a variant (vaccinated or unvaccinated), what should you do now:

    • Let your manager know immediately

    • You will need to quarantine for at least 5 days from the date of your positive test

    • You must be fever free for at least 24 hours, with no medication and no other symptoms (with exception of taste or smell) in order to return to work

      You are unvaccinated and have been exposed to someone who is positive for COVID:

    • Let your manager know immediately

    • If it is a positive case is in your household or not; you must quarantine for 5 days

    • If you have been exposed to a close contact positive (household member) you should do the following:

    o Quarantine for a minimum of 5 days

    o Test on day 5 if you have not been experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. If the test is negative you can end the quarantine

    o Get tested and isolate immediately if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

      You have cold symptoms but haven’t been exposed to anyone who tested positive

    • If you test for COVID and it is negative, you can return to work when you feel better

    • If you do not get tested, you will have to clear the exclusionary criteria above before returning to work based on the above guidance

    Please note, unless local guidelines provide for special programs, any time off due to COVID related symptoms are subject to our Paid Time Off policy. Sick Pay should be used when available and quarantine periods are not eligible for Short Term Disability.

    If you have any questions about our safety protocols, quarantining guidelines or what to do if you suspect you’ve been exposed you can contact COVID-19Response@ServiceKing.com.



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